Unity Walks Set for Oct. 4th


Unity Walk set for October 4th

As Marshall University’s homecoming approaches on Oct. 4, a Unity Walk is in place to join every organization, student, faculty and alumni to see and meet people and organizations.  

“When I was the director for African American students about eight or nine years ago, I conceptualized the idea for Marshall University to have a unity walk,“ said Maurice Cooley, vice president/dean of Intercultural Affairs.  

Cooley said the Unity Walk’s purpose is to see everyone on Marshall’s campus enjoy being a part of the Marshall family. 

“Rarely, did ever we come together as family to celebrate everyone on campus. We felt like family but didn’t come together,” said Cooley. “You come and walk in a big crowd with around 800-1000 students, plus faculty and alumni.” 

The walk will commence from the Recreation Center on 20th St. One group will head down Fifth Avenue, and the other group will walk around Third Avenue and converge at the corner of Hal Greer Boulevard, then walk toward Old Main and to end at the plaza for a celebratory moment with MU’s band and cheerleaders.  

“Each club and organization will have an opportunity to say who they are and what they do so they can reach out to other students and hopefully get more participants within each organization,” said Cooley.  

A banner contest will accompany the walk. 

Cooley said the banners will show what each organization has to offer so they can reach more potential participants.