Welcome to the family


Marshall University President Jerry Gilbert

Welcome to Marshall University. As president, I am very honored you have made the decision to become a member of the Marshall FAMILY. What I love most about working at a university are the students.  I hope you will come to understand and appreciate that I am a president who is visible, approachable and one who cares about you. 

You are about to begin an exciting transition to college where many new education and life experiences will provide you the opportunity to mature intellectually, socially, professionally and ethically. I promise you—it is going to be an amazing journey with new friends and experiences you will never forget.  

In terms of your education, you must apply yourself and be disciplined —there are no shortcuts to learning. And to be frank, one of the most important components of success in college is class attendance. Additionally, class participation is a cornerstone of the college experience. The conversations, lectures, and yes, even the occasional debate, are important elements of learning. Diversity of thought will give you the chance to solidify your own opinions or, in some cases, change them.  

No doubt some of you may be experiencing pandemic-associated apprehension as you begin your academic career. We are emerging from a year-long public health crisis and all of us will need to adjust our thoughts and actions accordingly. Our campus’s health and safety continue to be my top priority and I am working daily with our COVID-19 team to ensure we follow the most recent guidelines. One way we are working to keep safe is by encouraging everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Our faculty and staff have already reached #thunderingherdimmunity and we want our students to do the same. You will be hearing more about our campus safety initiatives throughout your orientation and as we move toward the beginning of the semester.  

Finally, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Marshall University Creed. Its principles of independence, initiative, achievement, ethical integrity and a commitment to diversity are core values our Marshall community strives to follow. I want each of you to endeavor to the be the best person you can be, and the Creed lays a great foundation for that achievement.

Again, I welcome you to Marshall University and wish you the best in your education. All of us—faculty, staff and administration are completely dedicated to seeing you succeed!

Best regards,

Jerome A. “Jerry” Gilbert

President, Marshall University