Local Plant Shop Continues to Grow


Catherine Blankenship

Local Plant Shop Continues to Grow

With two local locations, woman-owned business The Potted Edge offers a variety of plant-related items.  Whether you are looking for succulent arrangements, thoughtfully curated interior plants, or a unique selection of handmade items and pottery, this business is perfect for the green thumb of the group.  

The Potted Edge has two locations. One is at 300 Second Ave., Suite C in Gallipolis, Ohio. The other is in The Progress Building at 418 Eighth St., in Suite B in Huntington, W.Va. 

“The Potted Edge is a woman-owned small business that was originally out of Gallipolis, Ohio, and then in August of 2019, the Huntington location was opened,” Huntington employee Lillian Adkins said. “We offer a range of services such as re-potting plants, helping customers understand plants and how to properly care for them! We have a range of plant accessories like macrame hangers, wall hanging, air plants, candles, incense and super cute decorative pots!”  

The stores give off a peaceful, comforting, and welcoming vibe when you walk in.   

“We offer locally sourced items from local businesses as well,” employee Eden said. “The customers that come in make for an easy and chill workday. I love the people that come into our store. Just getting to interact with people and basically play in the dirt all day makes for a great job atmosphere.”  

The Potted Edge takes pride in its customers and enjoys getting to meet new faces, as well as interact with regular customers.  

“I absolutely love my job and having a unique connection with customers,” Adkins said. “It’s a super chill and relaxing environment, where I get to spend my days hanging out with plants and caring for them! All of my co-workers and managers are super sweet and make coming to work fun.”  

The Potted edge constantly receives new inventory throughout the seasons. With each plant, you have a choice if you would like it to be potted or not. Each plant comes with its own care card, and an associate will walk you through how to care for your plant. 

The store is open Tuesday-Sunday.   

Catherine Blankenship can be contacted at [email protected]