Local coffeeshop continues tradition


Catherine Blankenship

The Old Village Roaster is located at 919 4th Ave., Huntington.

The Old Village Roaster specializes in tradition and originality. Husband-and-wife Pete and Vicky Cooper take pride in the business they have created.  

The coffee shop business took off in 1995, but it started at fairs and ballgames with roasted peanuts. Pete and Vicky Cooper sold roasted peanuts at events across the state of West Virginia, when Pete Cooper began to experiment with antique roasters.  

“The story of our shop began with my husband’s love of antique machinery. Our antique roasters date back to the late 1800s,” Vicky Cooper said. “Pete began to experiment with coffee in the roasters, and now we are here, approaching the 26th anniversary of our business in May.”  

The Old Village Roaster is known for roasting their own coffee, as well as having their coffee beans imported from various countries.   

“All of our coffees come to us green from about ten different countries,” Pete Cooper said. “We actually have a 20-pound box that just arrived from Hawaii. Our importer comes from New York, and we let them know what selection we are in need of.”  

“We roast our own coffee, which is very rare to see in West Virginia nowadays,” Vicky Cooper said. “Once the coffees arrive, we flavor them ourselves as well as package them. A few local Huntington restaurants actually use our coffee at their businesses, such as Bahnhof, Black Sheep, and Backyard.”  

Although Old Village Roaster may seem like it is strictly coffee, they offer so much more. The shop sells various snacks — chocolates, nuts, assorted teas, cookies, and caramel corn made by the Coopers.  

“Normally, we sell our coffee and snacks at the Huntington Italian Festival,” Vicky Cooper said. “With the pandemic, we are unsure if that will happen this year.”  

The shop prices range by size. Coffees are available in 12 ounces ($1.75) or 16 ounces ($2). Assorted gourmet espresso drinks such as Café Mocha, Cafe Latte, and other various items vary in pricing.  

The Old Village Roaster is located at 919 4th Ave., Huntington.  

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