Marshall Rises: the campaign that keeps on giving

The Marshall University Foundation may be over 70 years old, but the opportunities and changes it brings into the community continuously develop every day.

The most recent campaign the foundation has created is the Marshall Rises Campaign. It is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to disburse resources on behalf of Marshall University.

The foundation hopes the Marshall Rises Campaign will garner alumni and people interested in philanthropy to become donors to the foundation.

The campaign began in 2016, and in just five years, it has already widened expectations.

As of 2019, thousands of people across the country and 35 Marshall University alumni chapters have donated over 105 million dollars.

The campaign aims to garner potential donors to the Marshall University Development Foundation and raise awareness about the importance of their donations.

Not all donors are alumni of Marshall, anyone can donate; in fact, some even continue to donate in honor of a loved one that has passed.

The relationship between a donor and the foundation is essential and requires constant effort. This relationship is not missed by Ron Area, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of the

Marshall University Foundation,
“A relationship can only be established if people know you,” Area said.
Pam Nibert, executive assistant and HR Coordinator of the foundation expands on the importance of maintaining the relationship throughout the years, so all donors will want to continue to donate.

The foundation holds special luncheons for the alumni who have donated and the students who are able to attend the university, thanks to their kindness.

At one brunch, over 400 people came to meet one another, which is where the Marshall Rises Campaign’s heart lies as students meet donors and alumni reminisce on their days at the university.

The relationship between donor and student is what the campaign wants to highlight the most. For if it were not for the donors of this campaign, many students would not attend the university.

Most of the donations from members go towards need-based scholarships given year-round to students attending Marshall. According to the campaign brochure, there is 11% less debt in students that attend Marshall University than the national average.

Not all the money goes directly to scholarships; however, as the support of donors, Brad and Alys Smith has allowed the foundation to create an ICenter in the New College of Business.

This ICenter will be advantageous to developing future business leaders at Marshall by being equipped with all the tools needed to create and start their own business.

The Marshall University Development Foundation and the Marshall Rises Campaign’s importance can be felt more now than ever before. As the world is still in the middle of a pandemic, money is not always certain.

Attending college seems further out of reach than ever before. With the help of the foundation and campaign, donors across the coun- try can ensure that every student will rise above their circumstances and become the best that they can be. If you are interested in donating or if you want to learn more about the campaign, visit,

Alysa Woods can be contacted at [email protected]