CAB to host DIY Neon Signs event

During Stress Relief Week this semester on Marshall University’s campus, the Campus Activities Board has prepared for a DIY neon sign event. Ronald de Castro, vice president of the Campus Activities Board, said on the day of the event, students will be able to pick up their own materials and follow along through a livestream.  

“On the day of the event, you can pick up a grab bag with all the necessary materials for the event and later that evening tune into the live streaming to follow along with one of our members as they show you how to put it all together” Castro said.  

Jack McFee, CAB member, said their events planned for Stress Relief Week are helpful for students in managing stress by offering a break from finals.  

“The events we plan for stress relief week are helpful in managing students stress by offering, even if only for a few minutes, a break from the whirlwind that finals can feel like,” said McFee. “This year is especially important for us to provide some sort of outlet for students to take a quick break from their studies to have a moment to themselves.” 

Olivia Gilligan, secretary of CAB, said that due to the ongoing pandemic, the DIY series is now virtual.  

“The biggest change for the DIY series this year is that it is virtual. We wanted to ensure that as many people as possible could participate, but we had to do it in a way that followed university guidelines,” said Gilligan. “Doing these events virtually was our solution, this made it possible for us to allow many students to participate while still being socially distanced. We are also hosting fewer DIY events this semester so that we can figure out how to improve the virtual method. It’s been a bit of an odd switch, but we really want students to enjoy the event just as much as they would in-person.”  

Gilligan said the DIY neon signs will be their second event this year.  

“Our second event is DIY Neon Signs,” Gilligan said. “Students can pick up their materials from the MSC Lobby on Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.. Then, at 6 p.m. the same day students can attend a Teams meeting to watch a tutorial. The Teams link can be found on Herd Link by clicking on the event advertisement.”  

Castro said that the Campus Activities Board hopes students enjoy the event and that they cannot wait to welcome students back in the spring.  

“We hope you enjoy the event and can’t wait to welcome everyone back in the spring and put on more events for everyone next semester!” said Castro. 

Carson Mckinney can be contacted at [email protected]