Remembering my father, Charles E. Kautz


Courtesy of Lucianne Kautz Call

Lucianne was a cheerleader for the Herd during her time at Marshall University.

Hello students, faculty, staff, Marshall sports fans, and the community,

What has transpired over the 50 years since that fatal night November 14th, 1970? Let me walk you through it. The rebuilding of the Marshall football team, the campus, and the Huntington community. This week marks the 50th anniversary of what some thought was the end of Marshall football.

Well, that was not the case. We came from ashes to glory … to become the winningest football program in the 1990s. We Are … Marshall we are …family we are … one town. We are … Winners!

When you step on Marshall’s campus you immediately are a daughter or a son of Marshall. This is truly a special place. Go Herd!

My Dad Charlie E. Kautz, Director of Athletics, passed away on that night. In the eyes of everyone he met he was a gentleman but more importantly a teacher, coach, & a leader.

He was a positive influence on the young men he coached.  My Dad had an unmatched LOVE for Marshall. This being Veterans Day Week, it is fitting to say my dad proudly served as a member of USMC during WWII & the Korean War.

I attended Marshall in 1967. I received my degree in Elementary Education in 1971. I worked in the ticket office, cheered from 1967-70, & was a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

I thoroughly enjoyed my college years.

I taught in Cabell County Schools for several years. In 2000, I decided to change professions. I pursued a job as a flight attendant. Yes, I worked for US Air Express at the Tri-State Airport. I am very thankful the pilots took great care of me. It was a rewarding experience.

 My husband and I have four children and their spouses as well as seven grand children who of course bleed green. We are … so blessed.

Thinking about the fountain ceremony this week, which symbolizes the 75 lives, who will live on in our hearts forever. Each time we walk by it, we remember & reflect what their lives stood for.

To all the Marshall students: you too are a part of this story. I want to inspire you to be a winner everyday of your life with 3 basic qualities to strive for. Be passionate, be committed, and be an encourager to others. Like the movie states… What do you want to be remembered for?

Marshall made a difference in my life. So, I challenge you to set yourself on a course to became significant in the lives of everyone you meet. No matter where you roam wearing the Kelly green & white someone will say hey, We are… Marshall.

Warm regards,

Lucianne Kautz Call ‘71 Alumni