From the Provost: Student Mental Health Day

Dear Marshall community,

 At the recommendation of the Office of Student Affairs and with the support of the university’s Faculty Senate, this Friday, Nov. 6, will be recognized as Student Mental Health Day at Marshall University.

 Marshall’s faculty and administration are aware that our students are unusually weary and stressed this semester. It is important to recognize that everyone experiences stress, and that mental health is crucial to our total health, well-being and success.

 So, on Friday, we are asking students, faculty and staff to spend some time reflecting on their mental health and to make a point of doing something for self-care. A list of campus mental health resources is available on the Wellness Center website.

 We also are encouraging faculty—if possible—to pause from instruction for this one day, using their discretion to accommodate a day clear of deadlines, due dates and meetings. The university community recognizes that not all faculty have flexibility in their syllabi at this point in the semester and that some exams and important activities cannot be rescheduled. But we hope faculty will consider implementing alternative learning methods to meet the day’s class objectives where possible.

 To be clear:  all students should expect to attend class, take scheduled exams, and submit assigned work as scheduled on Friday unless the course instructor dismisses class and/or announces delayed due dates as part of Student Mental Health Day. Note that the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, the School of Pharmacy and the School of Physical Therapy will proceed with all regularly scheduled activities on Friday.

 Observation of Student Mental Health Day is not mandatory; nor is it a day off for employees. It is not intended to be the final step for perfect mental health. Rather, it is a concerted effort by everyone at the university to focus collectively on the mental health and well-being of one another.

We hope that a brief pause will allow our entire campus community to take the steps necessary to be able to finish this unprecedented semester with re-energized enthusiasm and clear minds.


Jaime R. Taylor, Ph.D. 

Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs