Spotlight: Counseling Center Director Candace Layne

Candace Layne is the Director of the Marshall Counseling Center on campus and has been serving in this position since June of 2018. 

Layne received her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2004, her master’s degree in mental health counseling from Marshall University in 2006, and her doctorate of education degree from Argosy University in 2013. 

“I knew when I started at Marshall in 2001 majoring in psychology that I wanted to help others,” Layne said in an email. 

Layne said she started working with youth and adolescents when she graduated with her master’s and got the opportunity to teach as an adjunct professor in a lifespan psychology course at Mountwest CTC. 

“I then taught full-time and did counseling part-time in the community,” Layne said in an email. “I then started my work as a mental health specialist at a college and then a director of another university counseling center in the state.” 

As an alumna of Marshall, Layne said when she saw the director position posting, she knew she wanted to get the job and be at home with Marshall.  

“I thought it’d be amazing to work at Marshall where I went to school and I’m so glad I got the job a little over two years ago,” Layne said in an email. 

Layne said students struggling with their mental health should reach out and let someone know they are hurting or struggling. 

“I also encourage everyone to check on others, ask about mental health and safety, and don’t be afraid to seek help,” Layne said in an email. 

Layne said there is counseling available on campus, and it is free for all part-time and full-time students.

Jonathan Still can be reached at [email protected].