Office of Career Education prepares students for future work


The Office of Career Education is located on the corner of 17th St and 5th Avenue.

The Office of Career Education is located across from Harless Diner and is where students can go to seek help on how to prepare their skills for their future careers.

Cristina McDavid is the Director of the Office of Career Education. She said the mission of the office is to educate students as they explore their career options and further develop themselves.

“There is a lot of variety in the career education field,” McDavid said in an e-mail.  “And being able to handle that variety, most times all in the same day, is an important aspect of this field.”

McDavid said the office offers experiences for career exploration through job shadowing, informational interviews, and employer panels.

“Other days you may be assisting or presenting to students about career development,” McDavid said in an e-mail. “Which can include building a resume, networking skills, or building a social media presence on LinkedIn and Handshake.”

McDavid said the thing she loves the most about her job is working with the students that seek help in job hunting.

Jennifer Brown is the Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Marketing at the office. She said some other important aspects of the job is helping students network with employers to find internships and to be action-oriented.

“Recognize, value, and encourage a range of career exploration to get firsthand experience to confirm their major is the right fit or to start the process of exploring new options,” Brown said in an e-mail…

…Brown said some advice she has for students looking for a good job is to fine tune professional skills and make themselves a self-marketing plan. 

The office hosts career expos events that students can attend to meet with different employers to build contacts for their job exploration. The office can be reached by phone or students can contact the directors by their e-mails listed on the Marshall website to set up appointments. 

Jonathan Still can be contacted at [email protected]