Police Blotter

The following information was provided by the Marshall University Police Department records.

Destruction of property

A student reported her vehicle had been broken into after discovering the driver’s side window was shattered on March 4. The student told MUPD officers she is unsure when the incident happened because she has not used or seen her car since Feb. 7. The student reported the only item missing from her vehicle was a small tool kit. The case is closed until more information or evidence is discovered.

Identity theft

A student informed MUPD officers his identity had been stolen after discovering someone had opened a Discover Card account in his name. The student said the person responsible somehow had access to the student’s social security number in order to open the account. There are currently no suspects.

Reckless driving

Officers arrested one male for reckless driving, obstruction, fleeing on foot and verbal threats after the suspect returned to the scene where he abandoned his vehicle. At 3:27 a.m. March 8, the male reportedly got into his truck in the 500 block of 17th Street and “did a burnout” on the sidewalk for roughly two minutes before heading south on 17th Street. The suspect pulled into a parking lot on the street and officers initiated a traffic stop and told the suspect to stay in his vehicle, but he fled on foot going north. Reports say officers lost the suspect and called a tow truck to remove the vehicle. The suspect then reportedly returned to the parking lot and started making verbal threats to the person towing his truck. The suspect was arrested and taken to Western Regional Jail.

Petit larceny

Marshall police officers are currently investigating the theft of a catalytic converter discovered to be missing from a vehicle in the 3rd Avenue parking garage on March 8. Upon investigation, officers watched camera footage and found the exhaust device was taken at 8:21 a.m. March 7. MUPD currently has two suspects and are still investigating.

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