International students experience Halloween spirit during INTO Spooky Halloween Party


Phuong Anh Do

Both international and domestic Marshall students were given a Halloween experience including candy, pumpkins, costumes and free pizzas during the INTO Spooky Halloween Party Oct. 30.

Candy, pumpkins, costumes and free pizzas were what students experienced Wednesday during the INTO Spooky Halloween Party organized by INTO Marshall University.

“Today, we have some pumpkin painting, some food set up; we have a photo booth for the students to take pictures,” said Liv Giovingo, student services specialist at INTO. “And then we have some Halloween candy and pinatas as well.”

Traditionally, Halloween tends to be celebrated largely in the U.S. compared to in other parts of the world. For some international students, this was the first time they had attended a Halloween party and seen so many people wear costumes. 

“I’m from the middle part of China, and we don’t celebrate Halloween,” said Libby Ye, a Marshall accounting major. “I think it’s really fun to see kids play trick-or-treat. And in China, I usually celebrate holidays with my family, not having a chance to do this with new friends or classmates. This is a very new experience for me.”

Giovingo said INTO organized the event to give international students a chance to enjoy one of the biggest holidays in America. 

“The goal of this program is to teach our international students about our holidays here and how we celebrate it,” Giovingo said. “And also to connect the American students to the international students, and they can get to know each other.” 

Students were encouraged to dress up for the party, and some of the INTO students did show up in their makeup and costumes. Ariel Chiu, a student from Taiwan who dressed herself as a creepy doll, said she got attention from friends. 

“It’s fun, that’s why I dressed up,” Chiu said. “Not many students dress up, and that makes we feel more special. I really love Halloween. I really wanted to try it when I was a kid.” 

Haocheng Wang, a student whose hometown is in China, also dressed up for the INTO Spooky Halloween Party. Wang wore a Spider Man costume he said he bought online.

“I attended some Halloween events before, but this is my first time to dress up,” Wang said. “I can meet new friends and play other activities. They also have chicken wings, so this is really fun.”

International students were not the only attendees of the INTO Spooky Halloween Party. Domestic students came and shared the Halloween spirit with the new crowd as well.

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