EDITORIAL: What Halloween means to us

Parthenon editors shared their thoughts of what Halloween means to them in honor of the holiday.

“My favorite part of Halloween is the lack of judgement. People can dress up as whatever they want, or not dress up at all, and for the most part, no one cares. Whether someone is a bloody monster, a skimpy nurse or a college student, everyone is okay with it.” – Sarah Ingram, Copy Editor

“My favorite Halloween traditions are to read spooky stories and to watch Disney Channel Halloween movies, like all of the “Halloweentown” and “Twitches” movies. What I love most about Halloween, besides my traditions and spending time with family, is seeing people dress up and dressing up myself. This year I’m dressing as Kal from “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge,” Marie Antoinette and a 1980s news woman during this Halloween week.” – Jesten Richardson, Online Editor

“My favorite thing about Halloween used to be hoarding candy as a kid, but now I thoroughly enjoy giving candy to trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood by my apartment, and I think that change really signifies my transition to adulthood.” – Meg Keller, Social Media Manager

“Halloween is awesome because it intertwines spooky, scary festivities and excited, joyful feelings. Halloween makes me very nostalgic, especially when I revisit classic movies like “Halloween,” “Halloweentown” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” – Douglas Harding, News Editor