Professional music fraternity offers free music lessons for students

Professional music fraternity Delta Kappa Delta Omicron is offering students free music lessons with a Delta Omicron member for several instruments and skills, such as clarinet, voice, composition and drum major. 

Secretary Cayce Murphy, a junior music education and vocal performance major, said the official mission of the fraternity is to promote excellence toward the musicianship of those in the fraternity and create fellowship in music and that served as an important reason as to why she joined the fraternity.

“I wanted to join this specific group because it not only allowed me to become involved in a proactive way toward my department, but also provided a very comfortable way to get socially acclimated with those students within my field,” Murphy said.

Members of the professional fraternity said they got the idea of giving free music lessons after discussing a previous event they did that helped students prepare for All-State auditions. This will be the first semester that Delta Kappa Delta Omicron is offering free private lessons. 

While the lessons are focused more for music students specifically, President Neeley Jeffery, a junior music education major, said that the lessons are open to everyone. 

“Anyone interested in music would benefit from these lessons because a lot of young people have never been given the opportunity to take a lesson due to financial situations,” Jeffery said. 

Jeffery has been a member of the fraternity for two years and just started serving as the fraternity’s president this semester. 

“I wanted to join Delta Omicron to be more involved in the music department and form friendships and ties with people who had the same feelings about music as I did,” Jeffery said. “I wanted to become president because of how much I loved the work I was doing for this organization and to test myself in a leadership role.”

Members said they plan to use these free lessons to prepare students for events such as All-State and auditions for college programs, but Murphy said lessons can be given for other reasons as well, per request. 

“The first lesson is free, and given by one of the Delta Omicron members within a variety of instruments,” Murphy said. “All members of the fraternity are music majors or minors and have a stable musical background, and we are always willing to meet with students!” 

Julianna Everly can be contacted at [email protected].