MUPD remains on duty for summer 2019 break


While some members of the Marshall University community leave campus for the summer break, the Marshall University Police Department continues to provide security on campus and fight crime through the summer.

“Our daily routine does not change much over summer,” said MUPD Chief Jim Terry. “Marshall has a lot of events on campus throughout the summer, and we have to be here for that, and the crimes never stop, of course.”

Though some students may think that MUPD officers also get a break during the summer, or may associate the break with an empty campus, this is not the case. Right after graduation, summer classes start and “the job keeps going,” Terry said.

Even during the summer, there are people on Marshall’s campus for the MUPD to protect.

“There are also international students, and others of course, that live on campus all the time for convenience,” Terry said. “So, there’s really never a moment when there is not someone on campus between the camps for high school students, summer classes, activities, tours, etc. And it is our job to be prepared if something happens during those events, just like any day here on campus.”