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Role-Playing Club connects students through ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ board game

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Role-Playing Club connects students through ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ board game

Sydney Wyer

Sydney Wyer

Sydney Wyer


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Students create worlds and characters through Marshall University’s Role-Playing club, where members play the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons.

The club consists of multiple subgroups of players, each led by a gamemaster that controls the storyline. One group, the Red Hand of Doom, is led by Zane Adkins, a freshman public relations major.

Dungeons and Dragons is an interactive game, guided by written stories found in official texts from the D&D publications. Each player builds a character that is placed into the storyline, so every game and story will be unique.

The written stories are a starting point for games, and players can expand and mold the story with their individual characters as the game progresses.

“D&D is a great venue to explore aspects like world building, character acting and character writing,” Adkins said.

Groups are comprised of four to five people and meet once a week for 3-4-hour game sessions, allowing time for story progress and gameplay.

Members of the Red Hand of Doom group said they love playing the game and said they also love the opportunity to sit down and enjoy time with friends away from today’s tech-filled world. The game is played with pen and paper, using a variety of dice throughout the game.

“The game provides a unique experience to get together with friends (without technology),” Adkins said.

While there is no beginner level, gamemasters and other players said they are available to help new players understand the game and create a fun experience for everyone.

Sydney Wyer can be contacted at [email protected].

Sydney Wyer

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