International Film Festival returns to Keith Albee

The Marshall Artists Series Spring International Film Festival allowed members of the Marshall and Huntington communities to view films they may not have otherwise seen Thursday through Sunday last week.

The film festival featured six films, from a variety of countries, with a variety of languages. These films included “I Am Not a Witch” (UK/France and Germany), “The Desert Bride” (Argentina), “The Nile Hilton Incident” (Egypt), “Daughter of Mine” (Italy), “The Guilty” (Denmark) and “The China Hustle” (United States). Each of the films was an award-nominee or winner, but was not played in the Huntington area prior to the film festival, according to Angela Jones, director of the Marshall Artists Series.

Trey Lewis, a self-described film buff, chose to watch “The Guilty” (Denmark) Friday evening. This movie, which was produced by Gustav Moller, follows the story of a police officer that is assigned alarm dispatch duty and enters a race against time when he answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman.

Lewis said “The Guilty” was “one of the best thrillers” he has seen “in a long time.”

“Moller really shows that less is more in this movie,” Lewis said. “Effects and budget were clearly limited, but this movie really grabs the audiences’ emotions and imagination.”

Jones said she researches for possible feature films year around.

“I look at larger, diverse city movie theaters, and I try to find films that are produced in languages that are taught at Marshall,” Jones said. “But I also consider an entertainment standpoint.”

The Marshall Artists Series is set to host the next International Film Festival in Fall 2019. Exact dates have not yet been released.

Emily Phipps can be contacted at [email protected].