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CAB continues DIY series with calligraphy event

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CAB continues DIY series with calligraphy event

LeAnna Owens

LeAnna Owens

LeAnna Owens


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Marshall University students learned a new skill this week thanks to the Campus Activities Board.

The third installment of CAB’s Do-It-Yourself Series was Nov. 8. This event taught students how to write in calligraphy.

“I thought it was fantastic, I really learned a lot from this event,” Abbey Vidrine, public relations major and junior at Marshall, said.

Each student who attended the event was given a calligraphy pen to continue to practice and use their newly acquired skill.

“I think I may start a hobby in calligraphy,” Vidrine said. “It’s really relaxing”

This event differed from the previous DIY events by CAB because in the past CAB has had events where students create an item such as a tapestry or neon sign.

“We wanted the event to be fun for students, easy to learn in a few hours, and a skill they can leave with instead of just a tangible thing,” Brittany Davis, graduate assistant of CAB, said.

Each student was also given cards to decorate using their new skill.

“It was pretty cool to help students,” Davis said. “Seeing their eyes light up when they realized they could do this and the happiness they felt suddenly was really rewarding.”

Past DIY events have been extremely busy, with CAB having to turn students away for lack of materials to accommodate everyone, but this event was less crowded, possibly due to the cold weather, Davis said.

“I think we had a good turnout,” Davis said. “I’m glad it was a little more personal so those that wanted to learn how to do it could.”

CAB voted on each DIY event at the beginning of the semester.

“They all got together and brainstormed DIY events that students would like that are stress relieving,” Davis said. “People love to watch videos of people doing calligraphy.”

The next DIY series event is also meant to relieve stress during dead week, the week before finals, one of the most stressful times for college students, Davis said. It will give students a chance to learn about essential oils and will take place Dec. 5.

CAB’s next event is their annual Paint & Sip painting session of the Memorial Fountain Nov. 13.

LeAnna Owens can be contacted at [email protected]

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