Campus Activities Board gets the ball rolling at Strike Zone


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Marshall University’s Campus Activities Board sponsored its first cosmic bowling event of the semester at Strike Zone Thursday.

Cosmic bowling attracts a different crowd of students than other CAB events, Marcus Williams, a general member of CAB, said. Commuters or students who do not live on campus are one of these groups that love cosmic bowling, Williams said.

“[CAB] tries to get events that will engage a lot of different people’s interests,” Williams said.

This year CAB is striving to create a diverse schedule of events, Williams said, but cosmic bowling is popular and has become a staple for CAB.

“Students can expect an atmosphere where people just want to have fun,” Williams said.

Unlike the Screen on the Green event, which has a more relaxed atmosphere, Williams said cosmic bowling is more exciting, and CAB wants students to take advantage of the event.

“Come out, have fun, bowl and win; that’s all we want.” Williams said.

Sophomore Abbey Vidrine attended cosmic bowling for the first time Thursday.

Vidrine said she had a wonderful time, and the event had fantastic music and a really fun atmosphere. She said her favorite part was meeting new friends and getting to snack on pizza.

As a first year Marshall student, Vidrine said she appreciated the opportunity to meet her fellow peers, and she plans to go to future CAB events this year, including more cosmic bowling.

CAB’s final cosmic bowling event of the semester will be October 25, but it will return in the spring.

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