BCM strives to change the world by changing lives at Marshall

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BCM strives to change the world by changing lives at Marshall

Rachel Riddle

Rachel Riddle

Rachel Riddle


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With a common interest in faith, over 300 Marshall University students attended the first service of Baptist Campus Ministries of the fall semester last Wednesday night. The overall message of the service was to continue to serve and be involved in faith-based activities and conversation throughout each student’s college careers.

Rob Ely, director of student ministries, said he welcomed all students and members of the Huntington community to attend the regular services.

“First year or fifth year, we’re glad you’re here,” Ely said.

BCM is a part of the West Virginia Baptist Convention ministry, and members of this religious group join together in song, worship and prayer at Marshall’s Campus Christian Center.

Students and members of the Huntington community rejoiced during devotion in an inviting and contemporary setting. Upon arrival for the 9:15 Wednesday night services, participants could purchase BCM themed merchandise and apparel.

Because BCM is a campus-based group, they do not provide regular Sunday morning church services. However, with the help of six local churches, students have many options and resources to attend church services during traditional days and hours.

BCM boasted with a large band equipped with drummers, guitarists and singers that led the congregation in song at the beginning and end of service. The religious group not only meets on Wednesday nights, but also accommodated all schedules with small devotional groups called iTeams.

“I am so excited to be able to worship with like minded students in a comfortable environment,” Kayla Scott, social media coordinator and iTeam leader, said.

These small impact teams meet throughout the week for an hour and a half at a time, giving students a chance to connect with one another and share the trials and tribulations of college life.

Ely, who leads the weekly services at BCM, said he enjoys providing students with an opportunity to get involved on campus. BCM’s social media pages promote many trips, events and activities throughout the school year. BCM will also be hosting regular tailgates for Marshall football games.

“BCM was the first place that really gave me the opportunity to speak and learn and lead,” Ely said.

Ely began his journey with BCM when he was a student at Marshall and continues to lead BCM throughout his fellowship. He said his main focus for BCM is to continue to develop disciples throughout the community.

Ely said he wants to impact the lives of students in a positive way by showing them that the talents and professional abilities they possess can be used in their personal discipleship. Ely challenges students to use their faith throughout their time here at Marshall.

“Turn your conversations into faith based conversations. Get bold, stand up, and tell people about the God you love,” Ely said.

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