‘Amazing Grace’ graces the Keith-Albee

Marshall University students and community members, including over 250 students from local schools, attended the Marshall Artists Series’ “Amazing Grace, the Broadway Musical” Tuesday night at the Keith-Albee.

“Amazing Grace” tells the story of John Newton, son to an accomplished captain who is responsible for selling thousands of slaves.

Newton’s father feels as though he is not mature and needs to be taught discipline, sending him away with the British Navy. While with the Navy, the ship gets attacked and it washes up on an island where the queen is taking slaves of her own and makes Newton aid her.

The queen forces Newton to send his slave and longest friend, Thomas, to Barbados for speaking out against him. Newton realizes how cruel slave trade really is. When his father comes to rescue him, and dies in the effort, Newton realizes that he needs to change his ways.

On his return home, Newton’s ship passes through a hurricane. Newton had previously sworn off God but begins to pray, while staying on the bow of the ship through the storm.

Newton wakes in the morning to find that God had saved him through the storm, restoring his faith. Newton sets the ship for Barbados, releasing every slave they come across until he finds Thomas again.

Newton and his crew make it home in time for Christmas, where Newton and his longtime love, Mary, confront the prince about abolishing slavery. The prince admires their courage and decides to not arrest them. Newton takes all his good comings and find inspiration to write music.

After years, Newton finishes his most popular song, “Amazing Grace.”  Telling the story of how he was once lost but the Lord found and saved him.

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