Johnny Conqueroo: A Young Wave of Classic Rock ‘N’ Roll

In a world of musical hits that surround their style through pop and technology, the next wave of nostalgic 1960’s rock ‘n’ roll is on the rise. Johnny Conqueroo, three guys fresh from Lexington, Kentucky have flooded ears with psychedelic rock for the past three years.

Their first EP released in 2015, with a full-length album right after titled “Washed Up” in 2016. The album consists of 10 songs that travel through a variety of sounds that are both catchy and organic.

Lead singer, Grant Curless, has a voice beyond his years but sinks deep into your soul. It’s a voice that sounds like it has taken the hard road for the past 30 years.

Their lyrics are captivatingly similar to old blues, dark but enticing, causing you to want more and is especially seen within “Night In Jail” featured on their EP. The set of songs are engaging and remains interesting throughout creating an album worth listening to.

The instrumentals are overwhelmingly ominous, the bass providing lines that are groovy while the drum slams into your chest. Simultaneously, the guitar wraps it all together with sick riffs that create a sweaty, garage, rock ‘n’ roll feel.

Performing is no different. If anything, this band is incredibly more addictive when they play live. On Saturday, Johnny Conqueroo played their first gig in West Virginia at The Press Club on 4th Avenue.

Awkward at first, the band quickly warmed up to the room and had everyone vibing to their psychedelic energy.

Heath Holley, who books bands at The Press, kept repeating, “Why are they so good? It’s killing me.”

The three of them used their bodies to the fullest and played hard. No one could help but be dumbfounded over how talented these guys are.

If you like Cage The Elephant, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard or more classic rock hits like Jimmy Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Conqueroo is for you.

It’s rumored that they will be coming back to Huntington March 15 at The Black Sheep. Their music can be found on Spotify, and they can be followed on all social media platforms.

Lilly Dyer can be contacted at [email protected]