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Everyone knows Chinese food is famous around the world, but foreigners do not know how many different types of Chinese food we have. There are eight types of Chinese cuisines, but I will introduce three types of eight Chinese cuisines, which are Xiang cuisine, Chuan cuisine and Lu cuisine.

First of all, Xiang is the short name for Hunan province. So, we called Hunan’s food “Xiang cuisine.” Also, Xiang is the spiciest cuisine among our Chinese cuisines. As all Chinese people know, Xiang people can eat spicy food normally. Every dish is spicy. Moreover, Xiang cuisine focuses on rice with spicy dishes, and those dishes are made with meat or vegetables.

Second is Chuan cuisine and it is the short name for Sichuan province. So, Sichuan food is Chuan cuisine. Chuan cuisine is spicy too, but is more focused on rice with pungent and spicy dishes. Maybe foreigners do not know Chuan cuisine, but they must know about hot pot, and the hot pot is one of the most famous Chuan cuisines.

The last one is Lu cuisine. Like Xiang and Chuan, Lu is the short name of some provinces which are in north China. Lu cuisine is focused on noodles or food made with flour. Because of the weather, north China is not good for farming rice, so they use other food instead of rice and make the food look so beautiful.

In conclusion, all Chinese foods are good. But if foreigners want to visit China and eat Chinese food, I think Xiang, Chuan and Lu cuisines are the best choices for them. Those three cuisines are my favorites of all time.

This column was submitted as an assignment for an INTO Marshall writing class.

The instructor, Saba Gebrehiwot, can be contacted at [email protected]

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