W.Va. receives FEMA funds for June flood

West Virginia experienced one of the worst floods in its history, which wiped through towns and damaged, and even destroyed, many homes and businesses in June 2016.

According to the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the flooding resulted in a total of 23 deaths.

The West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management said the total estimates of damage reached 1,500 homes that were destroyed as well as 125 businesses and a total of 4,000 homes also reported damages from the flooding.

Many efforts have since been made to help those impacted by the significant flood damage. The nation seemed to pull together as former President Obama addressed the nation on the disaster in West Virginia.

The West Virginia flood made national news and even brought West Virginia natives Brad Paisley and Jennifer Garner home to bring publicity and assistance for flood efforts to their home state.

West Virginia is still recovering from flood disaster today. United States Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito revealed through a press release on Friday, FEMA will provide a total of $12,833,232 to aid in the continued relief.

The press release detailed what the financial support of $12.8 million will go toward. A portion of the money is detailed in the press release to go to Nicholas County Schools in the repairing of the damages by the flood.

The press release outlines a sum of the funds will be allocated to The State of West Virginia School Building Authority to tear down Herbert Hoover High School and Richwood Middle School after experiencing an extensive amount of damage.

According to the press release found on both senators websites, the last portion of the funds will also be used by The State of West Virginia School Building Authority to knock down Richwood High School, also located in Nicholas County.

Although the press release from Manchin and Capito was released Friday, a representative from one of Capito’s offices said due to the grant funding being dispersed to different state agencies they are not yet permitted to comment.

The representative said they were unable to comment until they know exactly where the funds will be going and how much will be going where.

A representative from Joe Manchin’s office also made a similar statement to that of Capito’s staff and said that they were unable to comment on the specific details of the grant at this time.

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