Letter to the Editor

In the wake of the recent election, hate crimes and threats against minorities of different races, sexual orientations, and religious groups have been on the rise. Among those being targeted are Muslims in America, who have been heavy victims of this past presidential campaign.

Since the results of the election, there has been an increase in threats and attacks against Muslims, particularly Muslim women who wear the headscarf.A few examples of these attacks include an assault on a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf who was choked in a parking garage at San Jose State University on Wednesday, and a threat against a Muslim woman at the University of Michigan who was told that she would be set on fire if she did not remove her headscarf. Both of these incidents occurred on college campuses.

However, we at Marshall know that hate like this cannot and will not be tolerated here. We know that we are stronger when we are together, and we won’t let hatred and fear create a divide that tears us apart. Political views aside, we are a family and it is our duty to protect each other from hateful speech, threats and violence. Take a stand with us.

As a gesture of love and support for our Muslim brothers and sisters who have experienced hate or fear as a result of recent attacks on Muslims, we are inviting you to wear a headscarf for a day on Wednesday, November 16. Bring your favorite scarf (any scarf
will work), and members from the Muslim Students Association will be at the student center from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. to help you wrap it.

Let’s show our Muslim friends that we stand with them.