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Column: What do you stand for?

Column: What do you stand for?

William Izzo, Life! Editor
September 15
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Let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely no connection to the world of sports. I played little league soccer, football and baseball, but really just warmed the bench for the majority of the time, with the exception of a homerun that resulted in a gnarly injury, but that’s a story for ...

COLUMN: 9/11 Ceremony Tainted By Criticism of Anti-War Protesters

Sophia Mills, Reporter
September 12
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If there’s one word to describe Marshall, it would be “community.” Wherever you go in Huntington you can feel the love and connection between the town and our university. Our annual 9/11 ceremony was no exception. The stories of those touched by the tragedy faced that day were heart-breaking and...

Column: Football season is the best season

Savanah Matney, Contributor
September 8
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For many of us, our favorite time of year has arrived: football season. Most college programs kicked off their football season last week and there were many amazing highlights. Oklahoma with a surprising loss, USC with a huge upset and some plays that were uncalled for. College football is the best season. I...

Column: Power 5 not so powerful

Joseph Ashley, Reporter
September 8
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This past weekend, we had a notable lack of kelly green and rolling thunder and we all learned a little from the competition. For the sake of not going too in-depth, we will stick to the power 5. We saw that, for the most part, the group of five upper echelon teams perform well when facing the power...

COLUMN: The Problem with Shrugging off Melania’s Plagiarism

COLUMN: The Problem with Shrugging off Melania’s Plagiarism

Lexi Browning, Executive Editor
July 22
Filed under COLUMN, Election 2016, OPINION, Showcase

In the midst of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio Monday, Melania Trump, potential future lady of The United States, delivered her first publicized speech about her husband’s candidacy on prime-time television. In a Los Angeles coffee shop across the states, recently laid off...

Column: Snaps for Sanders

Lukas Hagley, Reporter
April 27
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It’s rare that a reporter like me writes an opinion piece, let alone a political one. To be frank, the majority of the time there isn’t much that warrants my opinion that hasn’t already been tweeted about in a more clever manner. But I am here, on behalf of my unlucky fellow students with pri...

Blankenship honor is MU’s Paterno statue

Blankenship honor is MU’s Paterno statue

Heath Harrison, Contributor
April 20

Last week, I made a return visit to the Marshall University for the first time in several years. Returning to campus brought many nostalgic feelings. However, those were quickly replaced with bewilderment after what I saw upon entering Corbly Hall. On a wall on the first floor is an exhibit honoring...

XOXO, Michael Brown

Michael Brown, Assignment Editor
March 9
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The readers submitted some questions about life, love and everything in between. I answered them as honest as I know how. I’m here to keep it real with you when no one else is and to answer with no judgment because I don’t know you. I’m just a college junior who enjoys giving his opinion. He...

Album Review: Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo”

Nick Morton, Contributor
February 19

I don’t miss the old Kanye. I am always up for whatever new aesthetic he has to bring to the table. Throughout the duration of recording “Yeezus,” Kanye was having a tough time. He started dipping his foot deeper into the fashion industry, as well as film and art. After countless expressions of ...

Pop Vulture: Don’t let the media determine your relationship status

Desmond Groves, Contributor
February 12

In a world dominated by relationships and the pressure of companionship it can sometimes be hard to remember who you are and that it is okay to not be in a relationship. In the media, news outlets report about couples being together, getting divorced or who is hooking up with who. On social media, n...

Album Review: Head Full of Dreams

Ashwin Yellapantula, Contributor
February 2

It’s been 17 years since the shy looking boy band from London, Coldplay, debuted with “Parachutes,” which featured one of its best songs of all time, “Yellow.” Ever since, the group has been one of the most celebrated bands to have ever played alternative rock. Late last year, Coldplay releas...

WV music to look forward to in 2016

WV music to look forward to in 2016

Nathan Thomas, Reporter
January 22

2015 was a fantastic year for West Virginia music. Rozwell Kid crisscrossed the country for over 200 shows, Tyler Childers and the Foodstamps appeared on Mountain Stage and Ona received national attention for their debut album. With a slate of releases to get excited for, 2016 is bound to be just as...